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It has been said that moving is one of the most stressful things you can do! So to make your move as stress-free and simple as possible, follow these 6 simple steps. Don't forget, if at any time you need some extra help, we are simply a phone call away!

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1. Know where you stand

Before you start looking for the home of your dreams, it is always best to know where you stand financially. Seek the advice of a mortgage advisor who has access to a wide range of lenders and access to the best possible rates. Do not assume that you need to stick with a mortgage from your current lender. Shop around as a better rate/package could be available to you.

At Cubitt & West, we can advise you on this as well as all the costs involved with the moving process, including how much you can afford on your new home (you might be surprised), and how much conveyancing costs will be.

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2. Know your worth

Having made the decision to move and made contact with your mortgage advisor, it is time to get your home valued, so you know precisely where you stand financially and know the mortgage you will need to arrange to purchase your property. It is advisable to get a number of quotes, in order to get an average figure (remember, some agents may over-value your property in order to win your business). At the end of the day your property is only worth what someone else is prepared to pay! Getting a number of quotes will ensure you have a clear idea of the current market value so you can then simply choose the agent you feel more comfortable dealing with and who seems best placed to sell your property.

At Cubitt & West we are more than happy to provide you with ideas on the marketing of your property and a free valuation.

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3. Go to market

Once you know all your options, get your property on the market and find your buyer! Remember not to fall into the finding-first trap! If you fall in love with somewhere new but do not have a purchaser, you will have to bid high to secure the new property and will then be under pressure to sell your existing property quickly, which never realises the best price.

At Cubitt & West we can offer you impartial advice and, as part of the largest independent estate agency in the South East of England, we have the expertise and experience to get you the best possible price.

Now sit back and let us work our magic in selling your current home. Plus - we can help you search for your new home and can even suggest specific roads/areas for you to make that dream happen.

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4. Chain-building

Once an offer from your buyer has been accepted and you have found a property on which your offer has been accepted, a process called chain-building starts. For any sale and purchase to proceed a complete chain is required before the conveyancing can begin. This is dealt with by your conveyancer/solicitor but we will keep you in touch with the progress.

And if you choose to work with our conveyancing service, you will have the extra reassurance that everything is under one roof.

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5. Paperwork

Now is the time to complete all paperwork with your Mortgage Advisor so they can proceed with your new mortgage.

6. Moving planner

We will also provide you with an easy way of keeping track of your move. Simply complete the Moving Planner, as we advise you of each stage of your progress and you will have peace of mind that your move is proceeding as it should be, making everything as smooth as possible.

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