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Top Tips For Selling Your Home

Our 10 step process to increasing your selling chances

At Cubitt & West we focus all our energies on getting as many interested buyers to view your property as possible.

However, there are a number of things to bear in mind in order to make viewings successful and to get the best possible purchase price and a speedy sale.

1. Safe & sound

We take your security very seriously. If you are ever unhappy about showing people around yourself, a member of our team can accompany them. Never let people into your home to view without a prior appointment through us. If anyone approaches you directly to view your home, always refer them to our office.

2. Spick & span

De-clutter and de-personalise your living space in order to allow your prospective buyers a chance to view the property in a less personal light. Carry out any running repairs and ensure that the house is spotless.

Top Tip Selling 1

3. Bright & breezy

A new lick of paint, re-grouting tiles, new lino or tiling and even new kitchen doors will help to smarten up property. Failure to address smaller items may lead your buyer to think that the property has been neglected. Finally, ensure your home has fresh flowers and that there are no unpleasant or strong smells.

4. Odour free

Whilst pets are a loving member of your family, many buyers are put off by the unwanted attentions of a dog or cat (or other pet). Wherever possible arrange for someone else to look after your pet when you have a viewing and ensure that your home is free of any pet smells.

Top Tip Selling 2

5. Shrubs & borders

Gardens can be a real selling feature. Always ensure that your garden is kept neat, maintained and clear of debris.

6. First & foremost

Should you be showing people around your home, then let them enter the room first. This is important as it allows your prospective buyers to have a clearer view of the room (particularly important in smaller rooms). Always end the viewing with the most impressive room – normally the main reception room – as this creates a lasting impression.

7. Inform & persuade

If you are carrying out your own viewings, nobody likes being sold to. When discussing your home, be informative about the positive aspects of the property – how you have improved the property, the local amenities on hand, etc., but never oversell!

8. Pounds & pence

Never tell a prospective buyer the price you are willing to accept and never be tempted to accept an offer in your own home, even if it is at your asking price. Politely explain your preference for negotiations to be conducted through your estate agent. Our experienced negotiators are there to assess the potential buyer’s financial ability and achieve the best price for you.

9. Contact & further viewings

You always want to be as helpful as possible to potential buyers, however, many problems are experienced when telephone numbers are swapped. Explain that you would prefer all negotiations, including second viewings, to be arranged through your estate agent. Never give out your telephone number.

Top tips for selling your home

10. One & only

Once you are on the market, other agents may contact you in order to try and gain your business. In such circumstances please contact us as we need to protect you from the potential risk of paying two Estate Agency fees.